Alexander Technique: Andrea Miller

Andrea MillerThe Alexander Technique is about taking responsibility for your own mental and physical health. When I was suffering from overworked muscles a few years ago I consulted an Alexander Technique teacher who taught me to heighten my awareness and observe what I am doing with my body in daily activities and what I needed to change: My posture, my breathing technique, my reaction to emotions & chronic pain, etc. I have since gone on to complete a 3-year Alexander Technique teacher-training program in Vienna, Austria.

Alexander Technique is a self-care strategy that anyone can learn!

The Alexander Technique

F. M. Alexander (1869 – 1955) developed a technique to observe and improve the way we are using our bodies in our day-to-day life in order to minimize pressure on joints, release muscle tension and follow our natural tendency to expand for more efficient posture and breathing.

How Does It Work?

As an Alexander Technique (AT) student, you lay on the AT table for approx. 30 min to learn how to release tension and experience unhindered breathing. Furthermore I guide you towards the powerful ability to be aware of your own unique patterns of movement. From then on you know how to avoid habitual patterns which cause pain and I provide gentle touch to guide your nervous system towards integrating these new sensations.

How Can I Get Started?

Take a free introductory 15 minute lesson at my studio at 306 Day St, Decorah IA or at your desired place: at home, at your workplace, in nature, …

45 min lessons cost $60.

Based on your individual background, I offer “Alexander-Awareness-Classes” for:

  • bodyworkers: with special attention to how to take care of yourself while you are massaging/treating/… your client
  • yoga, Pilates, martial arts, etc. lovers: with special attention on how to stay present with yourself
  • athletes
  • singers, actors, dancers, artists of any kind
  • horse owners/riders/trainers: AT for horses and people for better performance and wellbeing

And if you or your partner is pregnant…

I offer an ongoing prenatal Alexander Technique class:
Thursdays from 6 – 7 pm @ 306 Day St, Decorah IA 52101 (call/text if you plan to attend). We are learning the AT in a small group of about 5 participants and work on principles to cope with pain and release unnecessary tension associated with pregnancy and birth.

Contact Andrea

Phone: 563-419-6654
Email: andreamillerat [at] gmail [dot] com
Website: Andrea Miller