Rising Sun Life Coaching and Mediation: Mary Jorgensen

Mary Jorgensen of Rising Sun Life Coaching and MediationMary’s purpose is to coach individuals and organizations who seek a transformative change in the way they live, work, and interact with others.  She provides encouragement and tools for clients to flourish and thrive.  Mary is available for personal sessions face-to-face, or by phone from anywhere in the world.

Education and Credentials

As a career educator, Mary pursued her love of learning to teach at the high school and college levels.  Earning an advanced degree (MA) in Educational Psychology gave her skills to adapt learning to individual situations.  Subsequent coach training through the Coaches Training Institute inspired her to begin a private practice and continue learning.  Her mediation training qualifies her to help people find peaceful solutions to conflict.

Mary is now also a health and wellness coach, certified by Wellcoaches, which is affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine, housed at Harvard University.  This science-based certification provides Mary with a multi-dimensional approach to personal and organizational coaching:  the skills to guide clients to make life-changing emotional/spiritual goals, and to enhance physical well-being.

Contact Mary

Phone: 563-382-4558
Email: mary@risingsunlifecoaching.com
Website: Rising Sun Life Coaching