Silent Leaves

Michelle Williams, Owner Day Spring SpaMeditation can provide us with a time to go inward to a place of wholeness that we are sometimes not able to connect with, in our everyday busy lives. Experience the simple profound beauty of Tea Ceremony Meditation.

The ritual of making and drinking a bowl of tea becomes a way to quiet the mind and body, while at the same time creating a heightened sense of awareness. Concentrated attention to the present moment results in a sense of balance and harmony and a deeper appreciation of the ordinary, but precious moments in our lives.

In addition to the ceremonial preparation and serving of matcha, which is powdered green tea, guests can expect a short silent or guided meditation. Tea Ceremonies may be scheduled in advance for individuals or small groups, and no previous experience with meditation is necessary. Allow 45 minutes.

Additionally we offer many special products that make it easy for you to create your own personal Tea Ceremony, including Silent Leaves Teas, cups, bowls, and utensils.

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