Tabita Green, Holistic Health Coach

Tabita GreenTabita Green is an author, speaker, blogger, and community organizer. In 2011, she left her six-digit corporate job to focus on family, health, and community building. After three years of research into mental health and resilience for her book, Her Lost Year, she believes humanity’s future health and happiness depends on the creation of resilient, sustainable communities.

As a health coach, she works with professionals to improve wellness in all dimensions of life including physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

Education and Credentials

Tabita is an AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She incorporates time management and mindfulness skills to help clients find time for wellness.

Since 2016, Tabita is also a certified Yoga Calm Youth Instructor. She works in the Driftless Area with school districts and after-school programs to incorporate mindfulness, yoga, and social and emotional learning.

Contact Tabita

Phone: 563-387-7663
Website: Tabita Green
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