Wellness Events

There's always something going on!

For a comprehensive look at events, including wellness events, happening in our region, go to DecorahNow.com.

About Decorah Holistic Health

The mission of Decorah Holistic Health is to highlight holistic health practitioners in Decorah, IA and surrounding areas, and to match community members and visitors with their services.

We chose the term “holistic health” because it encompasses well what the practitioners on this website believe, that health and wellness goes beyond the physical aspect of human beings.

Our holistic health practitioners offer everything from Tai Chi to Health Coaching to Lomi Lomi massage.

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About Decorah, Iowa

Decorah is a wonderfully healing town nestled in the bluffs of NE Iowa.

Music, art, recreation, and good, local food abound.

Visit Decorah and be whole.